A proven digital signage advertising agency.

Nex Media™ is the fastest growing Digital Out-of-Home advertising company in the world. Nex Media™  enables you to leverage your customer's non-revenue generating dwell time by  reaching your customers with real-time entertainment, information and advertising messages. Most importantly Nex Media™ allows you to reach them at the point of purchase.

The Wall Street Journal cited Digital Out-of-Home media as the “hottest medium” today. DOOH is spreading even faster than the internet did in its early days. DOOH industry growth is projected to reach an astronomical 10,000,000 screens by 2011 primarily because of its effectiveness.

DOOH form of target advertising has been shown by national research companies to increase all brand metrics including:

  • Ad Recall: Average 56%
  • Influence on Purchase: 36.5% Increase
  • Interest in Ordering an Item Advertised: 31% Increase
Nex Media - Digital Signage Advertising Agency